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Why should my school invite an author to talk to my students?



    Dear Ms. Bird,
    You expired me to be a better writter.

    Dear Darleen Barley Beard,
    I use to not like reading and writting before you came to our school.  But now I LOVE it. Thank you for showing me that I have the powwer to make my dreams come true! You ROCK!!!!!

    Mrs. Darleen,
    Your like a rainbow, 
    your #1 fan, Malik

    I love your books. You have a lot of good stuff in your heart and I'm glad that you share it. Stacy

    Ms. Berd, you came to my school the other day. I was the girl in the fith row wearing a green stripped shirt and a green hairband. I have bland hair and my name is Kayley. Do you remember me? I will ALWAYS remember you! From Kayley PS Write me back and tell me everything you told me the other day because I want to hear it all over again!!!!!!

    ms. darleen, your heart flows with good stuff


What size groups does Darleen speak to?

Do teachers need to be present?

What is the difference between an “Author Visit” and the “Author in Residence program”?

What are Darleen’s speaking fees?

What type of hotel does Darleen need?

Does Darleen have any dietary requirements?

Once I've scheduled an author visit or author-in-residence program, what happens next?

What if I need to cancel or reschedule Darleen’s visit?

How do I contact Darleen?