Raves and Reviews

Darleen came to our school and did 40 author visits and writing workshops over an 8-day period with both large groups and individual classes. She understands and can work with students of any age. Darleen informed, educated, engaged, and entertained every student, an impressive feat as our school houses Pre-K through 6th grade. Darleen’s enthusiasm is infectious; Even our most reticent students shared their writing. I wish she could work at our building full time!-- Heidi Tuers-Jackson, Library Media Specialist, Capitol Hill Elementary, OKC



    I am attaching the photo of you and Brandon. (Brandon won a free autographed copy ofOperation Clean Sweep!) . . . Thanks again for  sharing your expertise with our students. Your input had such an impact on our students; they are still talking about you and how much they enjoyedOperation Clean Sweep. Take care and have a great holiday season!

        --Ellen Lack, Library Media Specialist,
        Wilson Elementary, Norman OK

Your presentations were absolutely the best I've ever seen! I was amazed at how you could engage 1st-6th graders (over 500 students) in one room. Each child was captivated, and we have such a renewed enthusiasm for writing in our school. We especially appreciated the selection of individual writing workshops. It was easy to find something that fit our students' needs! It's obvious that you work hard at reaching students!!--Amara Willis, Kingfisher, OK, Gilmour Elementary School

Darlene is one of our favorite authors to visit the Owasso Public Schools. We've had many author visits in the past 20 years and she is one of the most personable, prepared, and child-friendly authors we have ever experienced. She is also the lowest maintenance guest and that means a lot with seven different schools, librarians, faculties, and school climates to deal with. (She presented 28 sessions to appx. 4000 students!) Owasso Public Schools highly recommends Darlene for your next author visit!--Cheryl Golightly, Library/Media Coordinator, Media Services, Owasso, OK

I can’t sing Darleen's praises enough for her work in our schools in the spring of 2007. All of the students and teachers have given her rave reviews.  Thanks so much for all of her efforts to make reading and writing come alive for our students. (She visited seven schools & a public library, doing 15 presentations to over 3500 students, teachers, & parents in three and a half days!) Most of all, I thank her for being so adaptable and willing to travel to churches to do programs.  (A school was flooded before her visit so the students of Kane Elementary had to be bussed to three different churches!) I wrote a glowing evaluation of Darleen's “residency” on our grant evaluation, so I am sure she will be looked upon favorably for more visits in the Bartlesville Public Schools--Mary Birkett, librarian and author coordinator, Bartlesville, OK

We really enjoyed your presentations back in October--seems like yesterday!  The teachers couldn't stop talking about the great job you did keeping the kids engaged through your hands-on writing workshops. I am so glad I went out on a limb to do something other than the regular "author presentation". You did fantastic integrating pieces of your life and experiences into your workshops. Thank you again for such a wonderful visit--we would love to have you again--you are indeed special.-- Dena Markey, Media Director, John Ross Elementary School, Edmond OK

With more than 70 presentations made to thousands of our students, and interaction with hundreds of teachers and administrators,  the only complaint we had about Darleen's presentations was that they had  to come to an end.  Really.  Her visits were the most smoothly played-out, successful series of author visits I can remember having in  the Putnam City School District.  Her visits exceeded our highest  expectations.  We've had a lot of authors visit over the years, many  with big names and lots of published books, but we've never had anyone be  more successful at getting the "reading and writing are good things to do"  message out to our kids. -- John McGrath, Multimedia Specialist, Putnam City School District,  OKC.

Darleen's  presentation was one of those author visits that the children absolutely loved and her books are always checked out at our  library. -- Marjorie Waters, West Nichols Hills Elementary, Oklahoma City.

Ms. Beard visited my school in Franklin, TN last year and the children LOVED her!!!  Her presentation was wonderful.  I read The Flimflam Man to my fifth graders, and they enjoyed it thoroughly. -- Carol Large, Hillsboro Elementary, Franklin, TN.

We try to host a writer-in-residence every year so that Iola students can get valuable training in creative writing.  Darleen came to our schools in the fall of 1999 and did a 10-week residency.  When it came time  to select an author for fall of 2000, 2001 and 2002 the Iola teachers voted hands down - "Get Darleen  Back! -- Mary L. Martin, Executive Director, The Thomas H. Bowlus Fine Arts Center, Iola, KS.

I want you to know how much our students and faculty enjoyed your author visit!  Even weeks after your visit, kiddo's are still requesting your books and placing them on hold. After reading one of your books to their classes, teachers are looking for others and their students are begging them to "read just one more chapter, please, please, please"! You are ALWAYS welcome at our school and please Write More Books!!!
-- Paula Nagode, Blanchard Elementary, Blanchard, OK.

What a wonderful treat it was to have Darleen Bailey Beard visit  Brentfield.  I am hearing so many positive comments from students and  teachers alike.  I'll be watching for Darleen's name as I read School  Library Journal because I believe she will have a long and successful career.-- Marianne Farner, Brentfield Elementary, Richardson ISD, Dallas, TX.

I have taught for 27 years and you are one of the best authors my students and I have heard.  You did an exceptional job keeping their attention.--Judy Bachman, 2nd grade teacher, James Dennis Elementary, OKC

I know you were brought to Guymon for our students, but you brought  a real message to many of us teachers.  For me, you were the best  motivational speaker I've heard in many years-you really hit a great nerve  for me. -- June Wadley,  5th grade teacher and loving it, North Park Elementary, Guymon,  Oklahoma

You made writing "real" to our students (K-8th grade). Writers were born and we (the teachers) learned it was easy to teach! All our students were successful with your lessons. Christ the King can not wait until you return! . . . I would like to talk to you about your Artist-in-Residence program.  We loved  you!--Suzy Lewis, 6th-8th grade English teacher, Christ the King Catholic School, Nichols Hills, OK.