Writing Tips for Kids...

  1. Read, read, read.
  2. Write, write, write.
  3. Submit your stories and poems to children's magazines.
  4. Don't get discouraged if a magazine rejects your story. Just sent it to a different magazine.  Keep trying!
  5. Keep a journal--this will make you a good observer and that's who authors are--observers of life.
  6. Keep a file of all your stories and poems. If tempted to give one to a friend or relative, give them a copy, never your original.
  7. When you see something you like, try to describe it in words.  Then write down those words in your journal. Such as, "The setting sun looks like an  orange and pink swirl." Or "My baby brother's face looks like a purple prune!"
  8. Keep a "Word List" and fill it on a daily basis with words that you love.  Separate your list into columns such as: pretty words, words that create feelings, soft words, delicious words, hard words, sweet words, yucky words, sound words, fun words, etc.  Then when you are ready to write, you already have a list of wonderful words ready to use.
  9. When you hear or read a new word, add it to your word list and try to use it in a story or poem.
  10. If writing stories or poems sounds scary, just write sentences.  Keep a journal of all the neat sentences you write. I still remember a sentence I wrote in 4th grade: "The leaves fell from the trees making a golden carpet."

Not bad, eh?


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