What Students Are Saying...

Dear Ms. Beard, 
. . . I can't believe how much fun it is to write now! Thank you so much!



I cannot begin to tell you how much of a delight it was visiting with you. Your presentation was beyond words. I just loved the way that you talk to kids.  You make everyone feel important.

Your biggest fan, 


Dear Ms. Beard, 
. . . Thank you for making the library a better place!

Meg, 7th grade


Dear Ms. Beard,
...As soon as I got home I started typing and typing and typing! For some weird reason I couldn't stop, it was as if I were being controlled over a strong desire to type as long as I could! For once in my life I actually want to read now!...



Dear ms. Beard,
. . . Writing papers for our teachers used to be hard for me but you made it a lot easier. You are a very big inspiration to kids everywhere around the world.



Dear Mrs. Beard,
You have really improved my writing skills.  Your input was greatly admired and was put to great use....



Ms. Beard,
I think that you were an awsome speaker! I know that you inspired many people. I enjoyed your stories that you told us and look forward to reading some of your books. You are an awesome writer!

Thanks again, 

Dear Ms. Beard,
I really enjoyed you coming to visit our school! I loved how enthused you were! You really helped me learn about the fun that comes out of being a writer . . . In coming to our school, you taught me that writing essays isn't just boring homework we have to do, you can make writing an essay fun.  I actually like essays better than I did before.  Well thank you so much for taking the time to come teach at our school it meant a lot to all of us. 



. . . Ms. Beard I would thank you for helping us with our writing.  Your life story is very interesting and I think it has changed the way some people in our class think about life.  They have learned that you don't have to do what everybody else does, you can stick to being yourself and have fun that way...




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