More of Darleen's Photos


Here are my two pumpkins, Spencer and Karalee. They like to fight and argue same as my sister and I used to do, except I don't think Spencer has learned the art of stuffing his dirty socks into Karalee's mouth yet, like Sherrie used to do to me.  I got her back though. But to hear those stories, you'll have to see her web site. Lucky for me, she doesn't have one.  Yet.

Being an author is the job of my dreams. I spend a lot of time doing my favorite things -- writing, editing, researching, interviewing people, and reading.



I also have a lot of fun teaching others how to write for children, doing school author visits, and speaking at conferences, libraries and bookstores.



The best part about being an author is creating believable characters. To think that I can invent characters in my mind and then bring them to life with words, is just amazing to me. When people ask me if my characters are real, I take that as one of the highest compliments an author can receive. Sometimes I dress up as my book characters to surprise students.







The second best part about being an author is doing school author visits and visiting with students. They always give me lots of hugs and hand-drawn notes and the energy I need to go back home and write another book.

When students ask me how long I've been an author, I say, "I've been an author since I was ten-years-old. The only difference is, now I'm a published author.  So if you're serious about writing, and you love to write, you're an author, too."



Here are our wonderful foreign students that we are hosting.
Tony is from China and Jarek is from Czech Republic.  They are tons of fun and acting very silly with Karalee, my daughter. Tony now lives in Bejing, China and works as a popular journalist that even had his picture taken with President Obama. Jarek now lives in Prague, Czech Republic and teaches mathmatics in a college for the deaf and blind. Tony and Jarek are both featured in Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover! Tony plays the part of the journalist who works for Channel 8 News. And Jarek plays the part of one of the three flying Elvises.

On June 2nd, 2011, I married the most wonderful man in the world! His name is David Riffle. Our wedding was at sunset, on top of a mountain, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Talk about romantic!


My little pumpkins are growing up! Spencer is now 22 and going to college at Oklahoma State University. Karalee (on the left) is now 15 and going to high school. Joedi (on the right) is my new step-daughter. She is 24 and going to college at the University of Oklahoma.