Darleen's Inspiration!

  • You’re never too young to start planning your career.

      I was only 10 years old when I decided to
      become a writer. Start thinking about your
      future now.

      Take classes that will challenge you and
      encourage you to be the best writer or
      illustrator or photographer you can be.

      Take summer classes in these areas. When it
      comes time for Christmas or your birthday,
      ask for gifts that will help you in your career,
      such as journals, sketch pads, how-to books,
      film, magazine subscriptions, stamps and
      envelopes, etc.

      Enter contests, apply for scholarships. Believe
      in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself,
      who will?

      Start sending your work to magazines and
      book publishers now!

    Set goals and make them happen!