Darleen's Books and Activities

Annie Cover

Write a Persuasive Letter: Students can write a letter to Bentley's City Manager to try to convince him to either save the tree or build the pool.
Write an Essay:  Just like the students in Annie's class, your students can write an essay about a special tree in their life.
Reader's Theater.
Recipe - I'm so lonesome I could Cry Pie


Clean Sweep Cover

Write a newspaper article: Write a pretend newspaper article about Sticky Fingers Fred.
Design a Poster: Design a poster telling  people why to vote for you.
Reader's Theater 
FULL-LENGTH PLAY (WORD format).  This fun play was written by Canda Rattray, who lives in and works for the city of Umatilla, OR, where this book takes place. Have fun and be sure to email Darleen a photo of your play. And don't forget to invite her--if she can make it, she'll be there!


Babb Cover

Write a pretend newspaper article about what happened in Babbs Switch, OK.
Write about a silly joke or prank!
Reader's Theater 
Funny Editing Lesson - Want your students to laugh out loud as they learn editing skills? Print out this funny scene for your students to edit.  Then turn to page 53 of the book to check their editing skills.


Twister Cover

Reader's Theater
Paper Plate Twister 
Write your own weather story about a time you were frightened by the weather.
Twister in a bottle



Reader's Theater
Wanted Poster --Make your own authentic 'wanted poster' for that sneaky F. Bam Morrison.
Design a Circus Ticket to "Bohn's United Circus Shows."
Flimflam Man Song written by Wellston Elementary.
Funny money--pull a slick one on your students by handing them this funny money.
Coloring Pages from the Flimflam Man book.

Pumpkin Cover

Reader's Theater
Write your own story about a time you wanted something as badly as Hattie wanted that pumpkin.

Twenty Math, History, and Science Writing Lessons YOU Can Teach Using All of My Books