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"Fourth grader Annie Glover is mortified when her Grandma chains herself to the town's centry old elm tree, in protest of the tree's removal.  Annie and her classmates hope the tree is cut down to provide space for a new swimming pool comlex.  If that wasn't bad enough, her Elvis-impersonating-parachuting uncle and two friends arrive to stay at the Glover's home, taking over Annie's room.  However, after discovering Elmer (the tree) is an important part of her city's history, Annie comes up with a plan . . . . B&w illustrations add to the charm of this heartwarming, yet funny story.  Teachers may want to follow up with a project, discussion, or writing assignment about causes the students are inspired to support."  Library Media Connection

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Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover, has been nominated for:

- "2010 Oklahoma Book Award" 

- "Green Earth Book Award." 

- Houston Horned Toad Tales Award

- Battle of the Books, Cypress, Texas

- "Recommended Reading" in Several States


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